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The Double Red SeaDweller Dials   by Delgado

There are at least seven different variations of the DRSD dials that were sold to the public.

There are dials with only a single line in red, and other dials with two lines of red without "2000."  Early SeaDwellers did not always have the helium escape valve. However, I am not going to discuss these early versions since they are limited examples and I don't believe they were available to the public. To learn more about those early versions, please visit the SingleRed dial (mark 00), mark 0 sections.

The initial dial's print is in red, possibly printed over white paint and both lines have similar size fonts. A few of these have faded and the lettering almost looks pink or white. The coronet is clearly delineated and flat, but the "O" under the spikes can be clearly visualized. Most of the dials of this version have the "patent pending" caseback and serial numbers between 1.7 and 2.2 million.

Here is an example of that dial...

Version  I


Version II

The second version of the dial, is seen in approximately 1.7 million cases. The distinguishing characteristic of this dial is the print The print is usually directly applied onto the dial and is a bright red and crisp. The font is smaller on the second line. The dial sometimes changed color from a matt black to a light brown or chocolate color, otherwise known as a "chocolate" dial.  The coronet spikes are distorted and the "O" under it is almost non existent.

Here is an example again..



Version III

This version, I have seen in a few authentic watches. The dial red print is very similar to the one above but the coronet is clearly printed and has a flat  bottom very similar to version I.

The "D" in Sea-Dweller lines up with the "R" in Submariner 2000.  In the version II, the "D" in Sea-Dweller lines up with "I" in Submariner 2000. Compared to the dial in version II, the print is similar, the depth markings are spacing is different as delineated above and the coronet is also different.

Above Photos: Ashton

Version IV

The final version of the dial was marketed for general production and is the most common type of dial. The red print of this dial is clear but not heavy, and when viewed thru a loupe it appears as though it is made of dots. The font of the red lettering is significantly larger on the top line of the two red lines printed. The coronet is large and the spikes are clearly defined and the "O" under the coronet is quite large.

Here again is another example..



Mark V

This is a current version of this dial. The coronet is similar to the Mark II dial. The writing is in red. The depth markings "ft" and "m" are in italics and more importantly, the markers contain luminova.

Mark V photos courtesy of


The Mark VI Dials

This is just the replacement luminova white SD dial with red paint over the "SEADWELLER" portion. Interesting..

Photo Addict

Mark VII

Photo by macfever



Photo by Addict



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